Hope Camp 2024


HOPE FOUNDATION Camp 2024 Actvities:

1.Setting up A library with recycled plastic desks tables chairs and book shelves
2. Setting up a gym
3. Setting up NEKI KI DEWAARs in the village
4. Setting up Porta Toilet(s)
5. Demo of and (hopefully) installation of innovative water conservation systems in Pahari houses
6. Reusable sanitary pads distribution and medical education class on menstrual hygiene/care
7. CPR training of locals on a model/mannequin
8. Free eye check up and free spectacles
9. Free consultation and free medicines by 5-7 doctors
10. Laptop awards to most hardworking nature conserving children
11. School competition
12. Tree plantation
13. Instalation of bio bricks/ecobricks as boundary wall/pathway/Roadside

  List of Doctors at Camp            
1 Dr Bindiya 5
Dr Manish Gupta (PT)
Dr Sudhinder Murali (Chennai)
2 Dr Mahesh Sisodiya 6
Dr (Mrs) Manish Gupta (PT)
Dr Pawan Bhati(Dentist)
Dr Asit Khanna 
Dr Anuj 
(CMO at Lok Nayak Hospital and MOIC Animal bite clinic)
Dr Pankaj Verma 
Dr Yuvraj Sharma (ortho)
  List of Volunteers      
Keshav + team
Anil Bora
Hari Patkar...
Rakesh Ravi  Nitin   
  Harendar  Irfan Harshit Neeraj  
  Sumit Arora Rachit
Aagam Jain
Pallavi (as per her availability).  
  Akash Seemant Amit    
  Akhilesh Shriram Subodh