What We Do?


The most essential components of human life are clean Air, Water, Health, Education & Energy. Approximately 45% of India’s land is degraded primarily due to deforestation, unsustainable agricultural practices, and mining and excessive groundwater extraction resulting in severe problems for groundwater management in India.

HOPE FOUNDATION works with the objective of environmental conservation, rain water harvesting system and also work to protected to river, wetland and other water resources and working for protected to forest and green cover.

HOPE FOUNDATION works towards its objective of preserving the environment through an idea as simple as planting of trees and conducting awareness drives for implementation of water conservation techniques and construction of rain water harvesting units.

HOPE FOUNDATION believes in lending our support through funding, volunteering or otherwise to any worthy cause/project that creates an impact and takes us a step closer to our objective. We has also partnered with NGOs who serve as planting partners and are responsible for planting the sapling and maintaining it. We also conduct environment awareness camps to encourage the people participation for environment protection and activities.